Mineral Fiber Ceiling System 12-13 mm


According to the approved project and details oven painted metal profiles with specially adjusted galvanized steel hangers can be hanged up in desired range and suspension level, the identification with help of the auxiliary fittings of the PVC coated gypsumceiling tile on or under this profiles, opening the places for electrical fixtures and plumbings, constitute the suspended ceiling is up to you it can be with open place or at the connection place of wall and ceiling with free choice of colours and materials, in 1 sq.m. price includes all kind of materials and losses, workshop expenses, workmanship, tools and equipment expenses, workplace loading, horizontal and vertical trasportation, unloading, contractor profit and general expenses. Dimension: Measured over the dimensions of the project, 0.25sq.m. small ventilation and other spaces are not deducted by the gaps of electrical fittings.